Where can I use this pillow?

It can be used anywhere you sit, be it in an airplane, bus, car, train, waiting rooms or even at your work desk. 

How much weight can it bear?

We have tested this pillow to bear a weight of 100 kgs or less. 

I am tall with a height of more than 6 feet, is it still going to be useful?

Yes, the pillow has 7 slots and can be extended to the length that suits your requirements. 

What are the various postures it can be used for?

It can be used in both closed and extended form as:

  1. Front Support
  2. Side Support
  3. Back Support
  4. Spine Support
  5. Elbow Support
  6. Chin Support

Can I remove the covers and wash them?

Yes, the outer covers can be removed with the help of the zippers and can be machine washed at 30 degrees or less.

Can I remove the lining of the pillow?

It is stitched completely and is meant not to be removed to protect the foam. 

Can I buy just the pillow covers when I need a change of covers?

Yes, our website has just covers listed and you can purchase them

How do I carry this pillow around?

It comes with a free drawstring bag/backpack to carry the pillow around. 

Can I return or exchange the pillow?

Yes, you can return or exchange the pillow. The pillow should be returned in the same condition it was shipped. Please go through the Refund and Delivery policy and procedure. 

For any queries aside from this, please email us at contact@napeazy.com 

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