How To Be Productive While Working Remotely

Many companies across the world are trying to be productive while working remotely due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak. 

For safety reasons, and to help the authorities contain the virus, it’s a considerate move. The spread of COVID-19 is affecting large corporations as well. Apple shut down their factories and stores in China because of the pandemic. 

Working remotely today is difficult because public spaces like a library or cafe put you at risk of catching the infection. So, if you’re having trouble concentrating at home because the bed and your pajamas are making you feel sleepy. You’re going to have a hard time being productive.

What can you do to stay productive, keep yourself and others out of risk?

A few simple steps from the time you wake up in the morning go a long way.

How To Be Productive While Working Remotely

#1 Productive While Working Remotely - Get Ready Like It Is A Normal Day At Work.

First, if you treat it like a day off, where you bathe late or wear comfortable pajamas. Your mind is unlikely to want to work. Consider wearing office formals or any other dress code your company has set.

#2 Productive While Working Remotely -Set Fixed Work Hours For Yourself.

Second, this way, you will avoid distracting yourself with chores at home. And start allotting time for them in between tasks. I time myself to complete work during the washing machines rinse and spin cycle. Then, I can dry my clothes and take a short break.

It’s also a good idea to cook in advance. So it’s best to start your day early if you want to make the most of it.

#3 Productive While Working Remotely - 

Work When You’re Most Productive Naturally.

For some people, this means during the late evening or night time. Night owls can make use of remote working to be as productive as possible. For me, the four hours of the dawn are the most productive time of my day. I can wake up at 4, while everyone is asleep, and get to work on my content. It’s quiet, and I have space to think. Which again is a concern while working from home. So working at a time when everyone else at home is asleep helps me be productive. You can also avoid offending your family or roommates with requests for silence.


#4 Productive While Working Remotely - PRO Tip; Set A Workstation.

Choose a place where you can work in silence without the enticing calls of your comfortable bed. Pick an area of the house no one uses. That way, you can’t be in anyone’s way, and they won’t be in yours. Also, find a seating arrangement that puts the least pressure on your back. One way to help with this is by using a pillow-like napEazy. Our blog is by napEazy. It’s ergonomically designed to keep your spine aligned while working. Visit the home page for more information.

#5 Productive While Working Remotely - Organise And Prioritize Your Tasks In Advance.

For instance, make use of applications or software that help you keep track of your priority tasks. For example, Trello is a great team management tool that helps to keep everyone updated on milestones passed. Also, it helps to maintain a checklist and indicates upcoming events.

Consider breaking down your work into bite-sized tasks you can tackle every day. Plan it all in advance, for an organized work strategy.

Now you’ve got your basics figured out, what’s next?

#6 Productively While Working Remotely - Regular Updates With The Team.

Remember, you need to check in with your team at regular intervals. You could all be in a video conference at a fixed time every day to give each other updates. Work on issues, and plan for what to do next. Save the most important discussions for these calls. Send email updates for routine communication to save time. Your team can stay motivated on the goal through better communication. Invest in that. 

#7 Productive While Working Remotely - Communication.

When you take breaks, connect with your team or friends. You might feel lonely at times with no one to talk to during the usual coffee break you’d have at work. Your whole team could take their lunch break over video calls for some light chatter and banter.


#8 Productive While Working Remotely - The Correct Tools And Internet Connection Are Important.

A computer or laptop in working condition and a good internet connection goes a long way to stay focused and connected to your team. If you spend half an hour only working on logistics. Like low connectivity and signal problems, it’s time wasted. Prepare yourself with a backup connection.

#9 Productive While Working Remotely -Take Breaks.

The Law Of Diminishing Returns applies to your productivity curve as well. After a few hours of reaching your peak, you’ll need a break to recharge. 

Most importantly, remember to drink water regularly, stay hydrated, eat your meals on time, and get enough sleep. Naps can help you catch up on sleep. If you plan things well, you should be able to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. That would help you stay productive and healthy.

In conclusion, take extra care during this time. If you feel at all sick, or unwell visit the doctor for testing. Isolate yourself if you are sick to avoid spreading anything. We need to learn to be productive while working remotely. Social distancing is likely the norm for a few months, at the very least. 

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